Immigration Services

Step by Step Counseling Center is now offering Immigration-related Psychotherapy Services (only completed by Tammy L. Botello, MS, LPC-S

Specializing in the following:

  • Political Asylum
  • Refugee Status
  • Cognitive Evaluations for N-648 applications
  • Mental Health Consequences of family separation
  • Mental Health Effects of Spousal/Partner abuse
  • Provide expert witness testimony in Federal Courts
  • Cultural Competency Assessment

The initial assessment will be done and a report will be generated to include in the “Waiver Process” that Immigration requires.


Psychosocial Assessments



$500 *(must be paid in cash and do not accept insurance for this service)



1 hour of assessment for US citizen and the person they are petitioning
5 page report on hardship factors and related information necessary for immigration purposes.




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